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Corporations earn profits off of your everyday purchases. And some of those profits are then donated to politicians and causes you might not agree with.

The U.S. Supreme Court has said that corporations have a constitutional right to political speech. We want everyone to hear what they’re saying!

The Solution

Goods Unite Us has spent thousands of hours vetting companies' political expenditures in federal elections.

Make your voice heard

Make your voice heard

Use our tools to reach out to brands to let them know how you feel about their political expenditures.

Vote with your wallet

Vote with your wallet

Goods Unite Us can help inform your purchases by exposing who you’re supporting when you shop certain brands and companies.

Invest with your values

Invest with your values

Make sure your retirement savings and other investments aren't undermining your vote!

What you can do

Use Goods Unite Us to educate yourself and influence brands!

Rate yourself

Identify your consumer footprint to find out how your purchases impact money in politics.

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Get easy access to our ratings of thousands of brands and companies.

Search a Company or Brand

Search the app/website to find out a company's political beliefs.

Align your purchases and investments

Change your purchasing and investing behavior to align with your vote.

Rate Yourself

Answer a few questions about yourself to find out who your money is supporting!

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