Politics vs. ESG Study

A study of more than 1000 companies looking at the relationship between their partisan lean and their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics.

A summary is available; or download the full report.


An Analysis of The Partisan Lean of S&P 500 Index Funds

A report on three major S&P 500 index funds, analyzing the partisan lean and total political contributions made by their constituent firms over the prior three federal election cycles.

The study results are available here.


Democratic vs. Republican Stock Performance

This report breaks the S&P 500 into a Democratic group and a Republican group based on company and senior executive contributions over the preceding three federal election cycles. Stock performance is then compared based on partisan lean.

Find the full report here and the press release announcing the study results here.



The Political Spending Index measures how much a company and its senior executives contribute to each political party as compared to more than 1,500 other companies. This is an ongoing project utilizing the Goods Unite Us dataset and may be accessed here.


PRBLX ETF Analysis

A stock-by-stock analysis of one of the top ESG funds on the market, comparing the political donations of each of its holdings to the fund’s overall theme.