Is your favorite company red or blue? Does it fund Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Mitch McConnell, or Bernie Sanders? Just download our FREE app by clicking here to find out. 

Enter a company name. And we’ll tell you what we know about the political donations made by the company and its senior employees. See information on Apple, Walmart, Patagonia, Koch, AARP, New Balance, Starbucks, AT&T and thousands more!

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What Users Are Saying

“Perfect for EVERYONE.”
– Jordanschnee, iTunes review

“Right or left, this app provides intel…now I can better control the flow. Awesome!”
– Mcmanus, iTunes review

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– Kim Doan, Facebook

“The voice of purchase power is important! This app is terrific in providing just the information I need to purchase or not purchase products.”
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What The News Has Been Saying

“Attention red-, blue-, and purple-leaning shoppers:  The free app Goods Unite Us uses public financial disclosure from more than 4,000 brands to reveal (a) if a company kicks in any money to political campaigns and (b) which party it favors.”
– O, The Oprah Magazine

“One startup out of Wisconsin hopes to make our ethical purchasing decisions a little easier by creating an app that gives full transparency towards corporations’ political donations.”
– Sam Guia, Techli

“Users can search from a database of 3,000 entities on the app and see a company’s Goods Unite Us score… The score breakdown shows the percentage of donations to each party and contribution level, assessed by dollar cutoffs.”
– Sarah Hauer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Though the company says it doesn’t keep track of how its shoppers vote, Patagonia donates overwhelmingly to Democrats, according to Goods Unite Us, an app that shows consumers where their favorite companies’ political allegiances lie.”
– Alexandra Mondelak, YahooNews

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