Silicon Valley, Here We Come!

We’re very excited to announce that Goods Unite Us has been accepted to The Batchery, a Berkeley, California based global incubator for early-stage companies and entrepreneurs (like us). We’re one of only 12 companies to be selected in batch no. 6.

Goods Unite Us was accepted to The Batchery!

In addition to a series of “deep dive” conversations about the company and start-up workshops, joining The Batchery will give Goods Unite Us access to a network of Silicon Valley angel investors, business advisers and like-minded entrepreneurs.

In other words, we’re looking to take Goods Unite Us to the next level — and soon.

Why We Want To Work With A Silicon Valley Area Incubator

The Batchery has worked with other socially-minded startups in our space. So their investment advisers have a plethora of knowledge that they can share to help us grow our company quickly and successfully.

Our mission at Goods Unite Us is to get corporate money out of politics. That’s a big undertaking. Through our free app and website, we’ve already made it easier for consumers to consider a company’s political activities when making their purchasing decisions. If enough of us do this, brands and companies will be forced to stop playing in politics. But we won’t stop there: we’ve got a lot of projects in the works to make it even easier for consumers to know where their money is going.

The Batchery can help us execute these projects more effectively and efficiently.

What are some ways you can help?

Right now we’re focused on getting app downloads and users. So please spread the word and use our app! You can also send us a note with feedback about what you like or don’t like. Or you can just get involved and make a difference by knowing where your money is going.

Together, we think we can make a big impact. And we’re very excited to start working with The Batchery to ramp up our impact as quickly as possible.

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