GM Welcomes Itself to the California Fuel Efficiency Standards and Regulations Conversation

Yet again, a major corporation has involved itself in political conversations. Conveniently, this happened as soon as GM’s bottom line would be impacted by improved fuel efficiency standards and regulations in California.

California, if it were its own nation, would be the world’s fifth largest economy. For this reason, GM has a lot at stake in this debate.

This is not necessarily unusual for businesses to do. After all, the United States has a long history of companies involving themselves in political affairs. Often, politicians attempt to appease corporations, or at minimum, involve corporations in the political discussions, to create policy. However, this begs the question: do corporations have an interest in forming good public policy. After all, businesses are legally required to consider the interests of their shareholders, and likely do not have an economic interest in limiting emissions.

Earlier this year, Honda and Ford indicated they had no problem complying with California’s more stringent standards. When it comes to their politics, Ford and General Motors are both relatively bipartisan (54% Republican), while Honda donates to Democrats 90% of the time.

While corporations may continue to be at the table, you, as a consumer, can have a massive impact on corporate political contributions by aligning your daily purchases with your vote. All you have to do is be informed, which has never been easier. Our app gives you all the information on company politics and influence that you need to make responsible decisions that align with your beliefs!

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