In Response To COVID-19, These Shoe Companies Are Stepping Up

Most of us, including the team at Goods Unite Us, have been quarantined at home for over a month now. Admittedly, there are not a lot of reasons to wear shoes these days, short of taking the dog out for a walk or a bimonthly trip to the grocery store. But, better days are on the horizon, and when those days arrive, we want to be ready to run!

As part of our goal to bring consumers more transparency, Goods recently implemented a new interface into the Goods Unite Us database: COVID Responders. The goal is to simply share some Good in this crazy world, and we love the fact that all types of companies (Republican, Democrat, and non-political) are stepping up.

Here’s what some shoe companies are doing in response to COVID:

Nike: In response to COVID-19, Nike is using some factories to make full-face shields and powered air-purifying respirator lenses to help healthcare workers in need. Nike has also donated over $17M to COVID-19 response efforts.

New Balance: In response to COVID-19, New Balance has developed, and is currently scaling, production of a general-use face mask, with a goal to make up to 100,000 units weekly by mid-April.

Brooks Running: Brooks is donating 10,000 pairs of shoes to healthcare workers around the country. Also as a side note, Brooks is owned by parent company Berkshire Hathaway.

Keen: In response to COVID-19, KEEN Footwear is donating up to 100,000 shoes ot the workers on the front lines and the families at home fighting the crisis.

LVMH: Otherwise known as Louis Vuitton, LVMH is using its production facilities for its perfumes and cosmetics to produce hand sanitizer for use by French authorities.

Rothy’s: In response to COVID-19, Rothy’s has donated $20,000 to help fund COVID-19 relief efforts and has dedicated one-third of their factory to making washable, durable, knit-to-shape masks. Good job Rothy’s!

The team at Goods is small, and we welcome tips or input about how brands and companies are responding to COVID-19. Simply message us at with your tip. We’ll have our research team vet it, and (assuming it checks out) add it to our app. Stay safe and healthy! 

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