Money & Politics: Midterm Edition

Here, for your reading pleasure, are the best campaign finance stories from the midterm elections.

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Arizona cracks down on Dark Money

An anti-dark money ballot initiative in AZ passed with an astonishing 73% support.

Arizona voters pass ballot initiative cracking down on so-called ‘dark money’ | Fox Business


Peter Thiel buys a Senate seat

In fairness, he paid for two.

Midterm results: Peter Thiel picks Masters, Vance see mixed results in Arizona, Ohio (


One dollar, one vote

Thiel wasn’t the only high earner shaping the midterms.

Here are the 10 biggest donors in the midterm elections | The Hill


UAE investigated for breaking US campaign finance law

A campaign finance system so broken, even our allies take advantage.

US intelligence report shows UAE efforts to meddle in American political system: Washington Post | The Hill


Corporations Spent Millions To Support ‘Big Lie’ Candidates

The post-Jan. 6th donation halt is all but over.

Large Corporations Spent Millions In Support Of GOP Election Deniers | HuffPost Latest News


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