Goods Visits Wall Street

Brian and Abigail, our Board Chair and CEO, were just interviewed by Jeff Gitterman on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for Fintech.TV and Bloomberg TV!

The floor of the NYSE

They discussed Goods, how political data fits in with ESG, Goods’ ETF (DEMZ), and the company’s plans for future ETFs. Here a some highlights:

“We started to think about, as a consumer or investor, how do you keep your money from going out into the world and undermining your political values, and [Goods Unite Us] was our way of doing that”

– Abigail


“There’s no subjectivity in our approach, there’s no reason why Republicans shouldn’t also have a partisan alternative [like DEMZ]”

– Brian


“There’s one sector that does not have a single company in the DEMZ ETF — Oil and Gas”

– Brian

You can watch the full interview here:

How consumers are aligning their everyday purchases with their political beliefs | FINTECH.TV

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