Wall St. Veteran Dorien Nunez Joins Goods’ Board

We’re excited to welcome Dorien Nunez to our Board of Directors!

Dorien is an accomplished business and investment consultant and business development expert with over 50 years of experience on Wall Street. 

He is a Senior Fellow at IEN, Co-Founder of OMNI Wall St. Advantage, Co-Founder, President, and Director of Research for The OMNIResearch Group, and President and Co-Founder of Black & Crimson Passport to Boards, Inc. Dorien holds a BA from Harvard and MBA from Harvard Business School.

“Dorien is an inexhaustible connector and advocate for what he believes in, and we couldn’t be happier to have him join the Goods team.”

– Abigail, Co-Founder & CEO

Mr. Nunez will continue to help us with business development during our expansion as a data provider in the areas of consumer and investor empowerment. 

“Goods is a great team with the immense promise of helping consumers and investors make purchasing and investment choices consistent with their values and helping to change things for the better at perhaps the most critical moment in our history.  I’m honored to join this Board of socially minded, visionary leaders, entrepreneurs and investors.”

– Dorien

Brian Potts, our Co-Founder & Chair of the Board, had this to say:

“Dorien has a deep well of institutional knowledge, a genuine appreciation for the importance of relationships in business, and a sense for synergies that we’re thrilled to add to our roster.”

Dorien joins Max Duckworth from MaSa Partners, finance professional Nels Friets, our CEO Abigail Wuest, and our co-founder Brian Potts on the board. 

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