Burton Snowboards: A Deep Dive Into Burton’s Political Beliefs And Corporate Values From Our Users

What are Burton’s political beliefs? And do their political beliefs align with their corporate actions? 

At Goods Unite Us, our goal is to provide consumers with transparent information, specifically around money in politics.  Based on the massive increase in our user base over the last few months, it’s crystal clear that consumers want to know!

Sometimes users, however, will reach out to us to tell us other information about brands and companies. Or ask if we know about a specific company’s social imprint. The short answer is no. We haven’t started researching those issues because we take a top down approach. We focus on the people who make the laws.

But the more nuanced answer is that we’re getting there.  

A few weeks ago we launched a new “review” feature on our apps and website. Now any of our users can add a review or comment on any of our over 4,000 brands and companies. Just pull up the company you’re interested in and click “reviews.”   

What types of reviews are we hoping users post? Helpful ones!  You can post about working conditions, business practices, community relations, sustainability practices, or the products of a particular brand.

Here’s an example of some useful information you can find on our site based on the reviews for Burton Snowboard Company:

  • Burton’s CEO is a woman and in the past few years the company has increased the percentage of women employees from 10% to 45%;
  • Burton is serious about climate change (which makes sense for a company whose livelihood depends on the weather).
  • Burton paid its employees to attend the Women’s March.
  • Burton’s CEO is vocal about not caring for President Trump (but also stating that Trump is a blessing because it’s a wake up call for things like women’s’ rights and climate change). She believes companies should take a stand. And that consumers want companies to take a stand.
  • Burton employees get off (presumably to go snowboarding) on powder days!
  • According to our data, Burton’s and its senior employees’ political beliefs are in line with what they say publicly (which isn’t always true). Their Campaign Finance Reform Score is 70. That’s because the company and its senior leaders contribute a medium level of money to politicians and PACs, and 100% of that money goes to Democrats.

We hope users will enthusiastically utilize our new “review” feature.  There are only a few of us (at Goods Unite Us) and lots of you! Check it out today!

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