Chips Ahoy Makes Bold Statement On Mother’s Day? Not Really.

Mother’s Day: one of the few days of the year where people can put aside their political differences. Usually, that is.

This year, Chips Ahoy released an advertising campaign featuring a “Drag Race” contestant, named Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. In the ad, Vanessa stated: “Get those cookies! It’s Mother’s Day, it’s time to celebrate, love, all that. Cookies: get ‘em. And if ya don’t, how you gonna celebrate Mother’s Day? It’s the new chocolates.”

As a result of this campaign, some conservatives began to boycott Chips Ahoy cookies.

So, are conservatives right that this is just another hyper-politicized ad that takes a liberal bias? Not really.

According to the Goods Unite Us app, Chips Ahoy actually donates to Republicans 55% of the time, and have a medium contribution level. So actually, by boycotting Chips Ahoy, these conservatives are boycotting a company that, more often than not, supports its interests financially. Interesting!

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