Most Colleges And Universities Bleed Blue

Pete Buttigieg was elected to be the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana at the young age of 30. And now he is drawing a lot of attention in the early stages of the 2020 Presidential campaign.

Mayor Pete is the youngest serious Presidential candidate, which has helped him become relevant to many younger voters. This is especially true for an issue that’s close to many young voters’ hearts: student loan debt.

Mayor Pete and his husband, Chasten, cumulatively have over $130,000 in student debt. These debts are from Pete’s education at Harvard University and Pembroke College, and from Chasten’s time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and DePaul University.

With college loans skyrocketing in price – in fact rising 213% from 1988 to 2018, college students are spending more money than ever on their educations.

And in so doing, they are inadvertently helping to elect Democrats.

According to the Goods Unite Us app, virtually all of the colleges and universities have one thing in common: they donate heavily to the Democratic party. In fact, Harvard and DePaul University and their senior employees donate around 90% to Democrats. And UW-Madison and its senior employees donate a staggering 97% of all their contributions to liberal candidates.

Our app tells you which party universities and there senior employees donate to, but there’s also another important feature – the “Combined Contribution Level.” This feature is designed to let you know how much money, and in turn, influence, these contributors have. Harvard and Wisconsin are classified as “Very High” contributors, which is our highest rating.

Be sure to check out which party, and at what level, your college or university contributes to!

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