Politically Independent Food Options for Independence Day Weekend!

If you’re looking to support the red and the blue this Fourth of July weekend or would simply prefer not to have political arguments while enjoying some time with family and friends who may not think alike, here are some great options for you.

First, you might be looking for some breakfast options – and Kellogg’s has lots of options for you! Kellogg’s cereals, Pop-Tarts, and Eggo waffles are all safe bets if you prefer not talking politics while enjoying breakfast, as they support Republicans only slightly at 52%.

If you’re looking for a snack sometime this weekend, turn toward Sabra, it leans Democratic 51% of the time! The hummus and guacamole dips are a great option for warm July temperatures and for any gathering.

If your family isn’t up for making food at home, you might want to consider Panda Express or LongHorn Steakhouse, both 52% and 53% Republican. When eating there, though, you might not want to order a Coke, because Pepsi brands are actually more politically independent, as 51% of its donations go to Democrats. Basically we think you should grill out, but if you can’t or don’t want to, it’s nice to have options!

Finally, if you are looking for a way to celebrate this weekend with a few drinks, Constellation Brands is for you! This means that Corona, Modelo, and many wine brands including Kim Crawford, Robert Mondavi, and Meiomi (to name a few) are all great options. Constellation contributes slightly more to Democrats, with 52% to the left.

If you didn’t already know, companies who only favor a particular party from 50% up to 53% are classified as “Independent” in the Goods Unite Us app. You can see all of these Independent companies, as well as the not-so-Independent companies by downloading our free app today!

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