Hate Toxic Politics? Now There’s An App To Fix It.

Our friends over at Changeroots just released their new political app focused on rooting out the toxic partisanship in this country. And it’s a doozy! 

So why is toxic partisanship so terrible? 

Changeroots’ CEO Jake Sandler notes four reason in this Medium article:

  1. Toxic partisans have contempt for those in the other party, insult them, won’t listen to ideas outside their party, refuse to compromise and put their own interests above the country.
  2. Changeroots estimates that three-quarters of elected officials are toxic partisans while research shows only one-third of regular people display toxic partisan characteristics.
  3. Toxic partisanship leads to zero-sum thinking, revenge politics and gridlock.
  4. If we don’t reverse toxic partisanship things will only get worse.

There’s no doubt that toxic partisanship is depressing! And many Republicans AND Democrats are guilty. That’s why we’re thrilled to help spread the word about what Changeroots is doing. 

Basically, if you use our app, we think you’ll love the Changeroots app too.

The Changeroots’ app has a super handy Politidex, which is a detailed guide that measures each politician based on their toxic statements and willingness to work together. You can find out how toxic Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell and dozens of other politicians really are based on analysis of their statements and real, non-partisan data. 

What’s more, you can even help rate each politicians’ toxicity every day based on the real-time statements they are making!

If a politician says something you don’t like, the Changeroots app lets you immediately tell them to knock it off. Or you can give them a thumbs up to encourage their good behavior.

The Changeroots app even allows users (if they want) to send micro-donations to politicians based on their individual statements and actions. From the app, users can tell politicians to “do better,” and simultaneously send a quarter or fifty cents to the politicians’ opponent.

For example, you might read this statement:

Changeroots App


And decide to tell Donald Trump to “Do Better,” which would instantly send a micro-donation to Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.


Changeroots App


Similar to Goods Unite Us, Changeroots helps everyday citizens (like you and I) claim their power back by providing information and actionable steps. We encourage you to download their app and start making politicians pay for their toxic statements!

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