Goods and CommonAlly Had Fun Bringing You These Videos – Now Get Out and Vote!

As part of our Democracy Defenders initiative, the team at Goods Unite Us has partnered up with our friends at CommonAlly to create a few fun, shareable videos explaining what a Democracy Defender is and why they matter.

Curious about CommonAlly? According to Howard Brodwin, the app’s Co-Founder and COO, CommonAlly “is a non-partisan platform for young voters that uses game mechanics to drive civic engagement. We ditch party labels & partisanship, removing all the noise and confusion so young people can easily get involved around issues they care about. Our core philosophy is you don’t have to be an activist to take action.”

In addition to looking awesome, these videos spotlight the actions of some of the nearly 200 companies on our Democracy Defenders list, as well as sorting them by which barrier to voting their actions address. Common barriers, according to the 2016 and 2018 Current Population Surveys carried out by the US Census Bureau, include registration, transportation, and illness.

For more information on CommonAlly, download the App for iOS, visit, or follow @CommonAlly on social media.

Check out the videos below!

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