Chocolate Has Been Cancelled

Basically, Hershey’s Canada put out an International Women’s Day ad at the beginning of the month featuring a trans woman, which has become contentious.

The Daily Wire, a conservative news outlet co-founded by Ben Shapiro, has decided to make its own chocolate in response, to give people access to chocolate not made by, “woke corporations that hate you.” Here’s one of the launch ads.


We dug into our data and found that Hershey’s is actually far more aligned with the Daily Wire’s politics than the conservative news outlet realizes. While Hershey’s latest ad appears to support the transgender community, the company has contributed 73% of its total political contributions to Republicans, with most of that coming from the company PAC. In other words, in a classic case of corporate posturing, Hershey’s is saying one thing and doing another. Marketing, as they say, is not reality.

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