Introducing Our New Political Hazard Ratings

Our pH ratings measure a corporation’s risk of facing a material consumer
boycott or investor backlash from a political or social controversy.

A lot of companies have found themselves in the crosshairs of large consumer backlashes this year.

Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light (NYSE: BUD), Target Corp (NYSE: TGT), and VF Corp.’s (NYSE: VFC) North Face have all had material adverse impacts occur because of politics or social issues—just in the last few months.

Now, with our new Political Hazard Ratings (pH ratings), you can help quantify the likelihood that a company will face a large consumer backlash in the future because of something they say or do.

In chemistry, the pH scale measures how acidic an object is. Our pH ratings measure how politically and socially hazardous corporations are.

“As a political data company, we are uniquely positioned to measure a company’s pH.” Abigail Wuest, CEO

Goods Unite Us has tracked corporate and senior executive political contributions for many years. We know which politicians corporations and their executives are supporting, and now we also track what corporations and executives are saying publicly, who they’re associating with, and whether those activities are likely to align with their consumers’ and investors’ sentiments.

Our proprietary pH rating is composed of five sub-category ratings:

  1. Public Statements Risk
  2. Associational Risk
  3. Political Contributions Risk
  4. Political Dichotomy Risk, and
  5. Brand Visibility Risk.

The pH ratings guide is available here.

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