Here Are The Top 25 Companies And Brands That People Are Monitoring For Their Political Activity

People are curious about where companies and brands stand politically, and we tell them in an easy to use format (that’s very addicting). Since we launched our free political iOS app last November, over 12,000 people have used it (for an average session time of nearly 5 minutes!).

Our data is hand-curated, so you can trust it. Our researchers first figure out the parent company or companies of thousands of brands. And then they figure out how much money those companies and their senior employees collectively contribute to politicians and PACs, so you can easily figure out where your money goes when you purchase things. Finally, we input all of this information into our secret algorithm and voila — the result is our popular Campaign Finance Reform Score for each company and brand (which you can read more about here).

Now that our user base has grown we thought it’d be interesting to see which companies our users are looking at the most. What we found was a bit surprising. The names of the most viewed companies did not necessarily surprise us; what surprised us was the fact that out of nearly 4,000 brands and companies in our database, some of our top companies were looked at by a high percentage of all of our users.

That means these brands and companies need to start thinking about, and managing, their political profiles more closely. Because consumers care about what they’re doing — a lot.

So, without further ado, here are the top 25 most viewed companies and brands on our iPhone app:

Most Viewed Companies/Brands

(1) AT&T

(2) Amazon

(3) AMC Theaters

(4) Ace Hardware

(5) Apple

(6) Target

(7) Abercrombie & Fitch

(8) Costco

(9) Starbucks

(10) Airbnb

(11) Wal-Mart

(12) Home Depot

(13) AOL

(14) A&S Brewing

(15) Nike

(16) Chick-Fil-A

(17) Trader Joe’s

(18) McDonald’s

(19) Verizon

(20) Lowe’s

(21) Charmin

(22) Angel Soft

(23) Whole Foods Market

(24) New Balance

(25) Hobby Lobby

If you’re curious about where a particular company or brand stands politically, we encourage you to download our free app. And now you can also figure out your own Campaign Finance Reform Score by taking our Rate Yourself function within our app and on our website.

It’s entertaining, and the results might surprise you!

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