Eat A Good Turkey (Not Elephant or Donkey) On Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is quickly approaching, and according to LendEdu, the average celebrator of Thanksgiving will spend $165.14 on the holiday. While some of that includes travel, the remaining is on food, libations and decorations.

This year, why not spend your Thanksgiving money where your vote is?

Below are the top political — and apolitical — grocery stores, so you can align your spending with your political beliefs this Thanksgiving.

Top Five Grocery Stores That Don’t Play Politics


Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes



Fresh Market

Top Five Democrat Supporting Grocery Stores



Trader Joe’s

Cub Foods

Whole Foods

Top Five Republican Supporting Grocery Stores

Publix Super Markets

Dominick’s Finer Foods (Safeway)

Schnuck Markets


Houchen’s Industries

Don’t see your regular grocery store? Download our free app and check out our grocery store category. We have hundreds of stores in our database so you can align your Turkey day spending (and every day spending) with your values and beliefs. Our app is simple and easy to use, just watch this video to see how it works!

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