Goods Unite Us – Why You Should Review Companies

A lot of our users have asked us about adding more data and information on the brands and companies on our platforms, e.g., about corporate sustainability, working conditions, and community relations. While we love the idea of providing you with more information, we are a small startup, and to do so would require significant resources (that we don’t have yet).  We also take a top down approach, focusing on the politicians that make the laws because we feel it’s an approach that will have the most impact.

That being said, we love the idea of more information, more transparency, and more communication between consumers and brands and companies.  So, we added a new feature a few months back. Now you can post a review about a brand’s politics, working conditions, community relations, business practices, sustainability practices and products.  You can rate the company overall (1 to 5 stars) and thumbs up or thumbs down other user’s reviews.

Here’s an example of two reviews for AARP:

Sazzy gives AARP 5 stars and writes:

“Been a member of AARP for years.  Knowing how much they do what they can to support elderly people and advocate for them at all levels, including to protect our Social Security and Medicare – things we have paid for many years, I am not surprised at all.  Quite pleased!”

Donaldcarldilno gives AARP 1 star and writes:

“AARP is a joke.  Without our permission they give our money to politicians that support late term abortions.  Come on people.”

What’s our ultimate goal by giving consumers a voice to post reviews? More information for y’all to consider when making purchasing decisions with your hard earned dollars. Check out this new feature today!

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