Spring Break Essentials That Are Goods Approved

Spring break is approaching, conjuring up images of sunshine, the beach, travel, fun and relaxation (hopefully). Some of us at GUU are planning on a doing a little Spring-breaking somewhere warm, so of course, we took to our app to help with preparing and packing. If you’re traveling this year, and want to make sure your Spring Break essentials are Goods approved, check out some of our favorite brands below:

For toiletries…

Bed Head (Helen of Troy, Ltc.): CFR Score = 100! Bed Head doesn’t give money to politics, so load up on Hard Head Hairspray and Moisture Maniac Shampoo and Conditioner.

Kiehl’s: CFR Score = +74. Kiehl’s is owned by L’Oreal and has a campaign finance reform score of +74.  

Tom’s of Maine: CFR Score = +72. Tom’s of Maine is owned by Colgate-Palmolive and contributes a low level of money to politics. Obviously, you could also shop Colgate toothpaste and assume the same score!

For Swimsuits…

Scotch and Soda: CFR Score = 100!  Scotch and Soda doesn’t play politics and this brand has some super cute spring break clothes!

Kate Spade: CFR Score = +75.   

Patagonia:  CFR Score = +70.

Tory Burch:  CFR Score = +70.

For Sandals…

Tory Burch:  CFR Score = +70. We mentioned her above for swimsuits, but we also love her classic Miller Sandal (all of the colors, please).  

Adidas: CFR Score = +95. Adidas gives very little money to politics. Yay!

Curious about your favorites brands? Check out our app, where you can search by category.  It’s also a great time-passer in airports when you’re on your way to somewhere warm!

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