Why Democrats Should Switch to Apple’s New Credit Card ASAP

If you haven’t already seen Apple’s new credit card, it’s pretty slick looking.  Obviously, the look of a credit card shouldn’t matter too much. But as with everything Apple, the card’s design is impressive. Take a look for yourself:

Of course, when choosing a credit card, you have to consider more than just how a credit card looks: you need to compare interest rates, fees, perks, and how many businesses accept it.

Apple does fairly well on those fronts too.

The interest rates are comparable to most credit cards. There are no annual fees. It’s accepted everywhere Mastercard is accepted. And as for perks, they’re pretty good (but not outstanding). You get 2% back on purchases you make using Apple Pay (in your phone) when you have the card, and 3% when you buy certain products from Apple. For regular everyday purchases with the card itself, you get 1%. Here’s a more detailed Wall Street Journal analysis, if you’re interested.

But why should Democrats in particular make the switch?

Because credit card companies donate a ton of money to politics—and most of that money goes to Republicans. In other words, if you are a Democrat, and you don’t want a portion of the fees and interest you pay to your credit card companies (and the fees they collect from vendors) to go to Republican candidates you don’t support, then the Apple Card is right for you.

Of all of the categories in our rate yourself political shopping survey, credit cards have one of the highest impacts on politics. Check our credit card category, and you’ll quickly see that all of the major credit card companies either heavily lean Republican or donate a lot of money to Republicans.

Apple and its senior employees, on the other hand, donate over 92% to Democrats.

Now, to be fair, Apple has partnered with Goldman Sachs, who has a more muddled political profile, to bring its credit card to market. But no other credit card company has anywhere near Apple’s high percentage of support to Democrats.

So, if you’re a passionate Democrat that wants to make a political difference with every purchase, take a hard look at the Apple Card. It might be right for you.




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