Now You Can Text Pod Save America, And Here’s Why You Should Do It

Apparently texting the hosts of Pod Save America at (323) 405-9944 is now a thing. Maybe it’s always been a thing, but lately we’re receiving a lot of texts from friends telling us to text Pod Save America to tell them about the free Goods Unite Us app.

Pod Save America is a no BS conversation about politics. It’s hosted by former Obama aides Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor. They do a good job (albeit with a slight liberal slant) of breaking down the week’s news and helping people understand what’s going on. New episodes come out on Mondays and Thursdays.

By now you’re probably thinking: “I thought Goods Unite Us was non-partisan! Now you’re telling me to text a liberal podcast?” Our response: “Yes. But you don’t have to.” (And we’d also love to talk on a conservative podcast as well, so send us suggestions!)

Whatever your political affiliation, here are five reasons why texting Pod Save America (to tell them about the Goods Unite Us app) makes sense:

    1. We’re a small startup and we’d really like to keep this app free for the 100K monthly active users who use it. To do that we need as much free exposure as we can get. PSA averages 1.5M listeners per episode. Listeners who might like to know about our app!
    2. The more users we have on the app, the more people can make informed purchasing decisions and the more corporations might be less inclined to play politics. When money in politics is transparent to everyone, it makes brands think twice about their donations.
    3. The average american picks up their cell phone 15 times per hour. Why not use one of those to do something good?
    4. It’s fun to spread the word. Are you as shocked as we were that New Balance’s politics are 98% Republican and 2% Democrat? Tell your friends. Trust us, people find this “game” of looking up companies useful (and sometimes even amusing). 
    5. The more users who text Pod Save America, the better the chance we have to get on the show to talk about corporate money in politics and helping consumers make informed purchases. We love to talk about this. It’s a big problem, and we’re trying to fix it.

So, please do it! Get out your cell phone and contact Pod Save America at (323) 405-9944. 

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