The Gaming Industry Is Huge: Which Party Does It Back?

Lede – Video Games have been the biggest segment of the Entertainment industry for years and, thanks to COVID-19,  gaming is only getting more profitable. But when that money makes it into politics, who gets it?

Context – The Games industry is projected to be $180 billion by 2021. Here’s how it compared to other entertainment segments the most recent year data is available:

  • Games –             $120b
  • TV streaming – $105b
  • Box Office –         $50b
  • Music –                 $20b

Who Cares? – Where American’s spend money determines which industries have political power as donors. Entertainment has always been a major part of our spending.

The Goods – How major games companies get political :

D Donations R Donations
Activision 45% 55%
EA 100% 0%
Sony 84% 16%
Microsoft 58% 42%
Nintendo 96% 4%
GameStop 87% 13%


This holds with the economy-wide trend of newer industries leaning Democrat while older ones lean Republican. As the newer industries create more and more of our economic output, this trend could become more of a worry for the GOP. As consumers, it’s up to us to make conscious purchasing decisions. Download the free Goods Unite Us app to see which way your favorite companies lean, and put your money where your vote is!

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