You might only get one chance to make an impression.

Make it a good one.

At Goods Unite Us, we have hundreds of thousands of consumers using our platform every month. And, through our partnerships with other websites, millions of consumers see our political data about companies and brands every month. Many of these consumers might only look at your company’s page once before moving on to purchase something else. Make sure you put your best foot forward!

License our Data

Interested in showing the political affiliations of companies and brands on your website or app? Contact us today. For an example of how our data can be used on your website, go here.

Advertise in our apps

Every day we get emails from our users telling us that they’ve decided – based on our information – to purchase one brand over another. In fact, here is just a sample of some of the brands and companies our users have told us that they have left behind based on the information on our apps and website:

We offer in-app advertising on a first-come, first-serve basis. Download the rate card here.


Our goal is to provide transparency. And to further that goal, we want to provide companies with an easy way to communicate directly with our users about their politics and all the good things they are doing. Tell your consumers about your political beliefs, your social actions, how you treat your workers and anything else that might influence them.

That’s why, for a limited time only, we are allowing companies to claim their pages for free. Just contact us today. Our platforms allow you to modify your page on our website (but not our data about you).

You can tell your story to our users, respond to reviews, and much more!

Get The Golden MicROPHONE

Does your company support getting corporate money out of politics? If so, then make the Goods Unite Us pledge!

Any company that pledges not to donate corporate money to political action committees in the future will receive the coveted golden microphone emblem across all of our platforms.

All of our users will know that your company doesn’t play politics. And you can spread the word too! Contact us today.

What people are saying

Right or left, this app provides intel…now I can better control the flow. Awesome!

- McManus, iTunes review

The voice of purchase power is important! This app is terrific in providing just the information I need to purchase or not purchase products.

- Bonnsb, iTunes review

One startup out of Wisconsin hopes to make our ethical purchasing decisions a little easier by creating an app that gives full transparency towards corporations' political donations.

- Sam Guia, Techli

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