Goods News: We Closed Our Seed Round!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for the Goods Unite Us team.  That’s because we closed on a $500K funding round!

Here are some of the details from our recent press release:

Goods Unite Us is a women-led app and website that gives the politics of over 4,000 brands and companies.  The round was led by MaSa Partners, Mark Bakken, and Humble Rogue Ventures.  Several accredited angel investors also contributed.  

Max Duckworth of MaSa Partners says: 

As lead investors in Goods Unite Us’ recent series seed round, MaSa Partners believes this space will become increasingly relevant to consumer decision-making across the country. We are excited by Goods’ team, strategy and technology platform, and have been highly impressed by the rapid progress, user adoption and value creation to date.

We’re a B2B company that is pre-revenue.  Across both platforms (app and website) we currently have over 200K monthly active users.  Our mission is to bring transparency to corporate money in politics and empower consumers to vote with their wallets.  And it’s grounded in our Campaign Finance Reform Score.  The score is based solely on publicly available data about how much money each company and its senior leaders contribute to politicians and PACs and to which party.  

When asked about the strong reaction from some consumers, CEO Abigail Wuest points out: 

At GUU our mission is transparency and protecting the democratic process. We do not want to further polarize society. And while the data we make available may spark some emotion, we think that ultimately greater transparency around money in politics will lead to a stronger democracy and citizens feeling more effective in the political process. Ultimately, this should help reduce polarization.

What’s The Money For?

A significant amount of the seed round will go to adding features and continuing to get users on the platforms which, so far, hasn’t been a problem. We’ve also been studying users and have determined that they are changing their purchasing behaviors based on the information the app and website provides. This is a game changer.  Eventually, we plan to sell subscription services to companies to allow them to put their best foot forward, to communicate directly with their potential consumers, and to help consumers make informed decisions.      

We’re headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin – a state that is incredibly politically active and where people care about issues affecting politics and democracy. Goods has three co-founders: Abigail Wuest (CEO), Amy Miller (COO), and Brian Potts.  We also employ local talent.

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