Shopko And Other Major Pharmacies Love Putting Their Money Into Politics

In December, the Wisconsin-based department store, Shopko, announced that it will close 39 stores in 19 states. Now according to the Green Bay Press Gazette, the retailer will close an additional 6 stores in Wisconsin by early April 2019.  This will bring the total number of store closings to 45. Apparently Shopko owes a major pharmacy supplier, and there are rumors that the company might sell a portion of it’s pharmacy business to Kroger, Hy-Vee or CVS.  

In the spirit of transparency, we dug a little deeper into the politics of Shopko and the other  companies mentioned above. Here’s what we found:

Shopko’s Campaign Finance Reform Score is -54. The company gives a medium level of contributions to politicians and PACs, with a breakdown that’s 79% Republican and 21% Democratic.  

Kroger: CFR Score = -44. The company contributes a high level of money that is 61% Republican and 39% Democrat (numbers that are strikingly similar to Shopko’s).

Hy-Vee:  CFR Score = -63. The contribution level is medium (also like Shopko) and the breakdown is 88% Republican and 12% Democrat.

CVS: CFR Score = 31. CVS has a very high level of contributions to politicians and PACs, and the breakdown is 44% Republican and 56% Democrat.

The next time you’re looking for a pharmacy, which might be today since it’s cold season, be sure to shop in alignment with your vote!  Be empowered! We make it easy with our free app.

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