Let’s Do Some Spring Cleaning To Get Money Out Of Politics

Goods Unite Us is based in Madison, Wisconsin, and (unfortunately) we’re still getting snow and ice. But the calendar tells us that spring is just around the corner, so we’re starting to shift our focus (at least in our minds) to spring cleaning!

Of course, spring clean-up wouldn’t be complete without multiple trips to the hardware store, so we decided to give you the best, and worst, hardware stores to frequent if you want to get corporate money out of politics.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found many hardware stores with good campaign finance reform scores. But here’s our list in order from best to worst:

ACE Hardware: CFR Score = (-15). ACE is often more expensive. But it’s convenient and better about corporate money in politics than its competition. There are over 5,000 ACE Hardware stores globally. And many of them are independently owned.

Target: CFR Score = (-41). Hey, they have a hardware section!

Menards: CFR Score = (-70).

Lowes: CFR Score = (-71).

Home Depot: CFR Score = (-73).

Finally, If you’ve Marie Kondo’d your house in the spring cleaning process, don’t forget to bring your stuff to Goodwill. Goodwill has a CFR Score of +47.  

Curious how we come up with the campaign finance reform score? Read more about it here.

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