Who’s Winning The Donations Battle On Our App? Hint: It’s Not President Trump

A few weeks ago, we launched a new feature in our app: the Donate to Politicians button!

This feature makes it quick and easy for you to donate to your favorite politicians, and even more importantly, to offset corporate contributions while helping to raise awareness about Goods Unite Us to politicians across the country. 

If positive change is going to happen regarding campaign finance, we need to be sure that not only corporations, but also politicians, realize that our 145,000+ (and counting) engaged citizens this month are paying attention to how political campaigns are being funded! 

So far, and somewhat to our surprise, all donations through our app have benefited Democrats. Our user base is made up of both Democrats and Republicans, which is why we find this surprising.

So if you support any politicians – whether it be Trump, Biden, Sanders, Harris, etc. – we want to see your donations coming in!

We’ll be sure to keep track of total donations over the next year and let you know who is receiving the most support!

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